Is iPage a Good Choice for UK Customers?

Is iPage a Good Choice for UK Customers?

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This days people have become concerned when it comes to web hosting reason being  choosing one has become overwhelming task .It is time-consuming since it is real a hard task choosing from a long list of web hosting companies. Some of the companies have attained a huge market while others are trying to come up by use of best strategies to lure their customers. To determine whether you have made the best choice you have to look at the services which are offered by this company. IPage has been known to be the best when it comes to quality of the services; it is the best option to go with. The one and only way you can know more about ipage is to go through web hosting reviews UK

Many people who are looking for a cheap hosting account you need to go through UK web hosting reviews so that you can have more information in relation to ipage.  Ipage is just a well-known web hosting provider with low costs.  Ipage have customers all over the world in spite of the fact that it is US based. It is very cheap for low traffic blog and small business websites. It is very convenient for those who are commencing website building.

Speed of your website

The speed to which your website is loading does not matter but the faster the loading speed the better for you.  The loading speed can be affected by

The number of users on the website at the same

The technology used in developing the website

The number of images on the website and the content

Ipage does very well in the US in terms of speed and averagely from EU. Users who are located in Australia will have to wait for five seconds for complete loading to take place.  The potential customers will automatically choose a website with higher loading speed. If your website is slower, then potential customers will no longer wait for you but they will seek an alternative hence loosing many customers.  The average loading speed should take at most 3 seconds. For the best experience your website should be around and close to this.

Consideration for ipage for a UK website

From the above you realize that ipage will automatically have a slower connection in the United States. But the connection is not far bad since when you compare the connection in UK and the average connection which is 3 seconds, Ipage can also do well  but not excellent.  In this case page is the best UK web hosting, if you are seeking for a cheaper and reliable website for your small business, ipage will be the better option.  For a well-developed business in the UK it may not be the option due to its speed. You may end up losing several customers to other websites that load very fast. Most people are impatient and time conscious so they will never waste their precious time waiting for the website to load for more than 5 seconds. Read more…



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