Linux Servers Vs Windows Servers in Web Hosting Linux

Linux Servers Vs Windows Servers in Web Hosting Linux

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After the content of website is created and coded giving you the beautiful, engrossing and compelling website, next question that comes to your mind is web hosting platform- whether to go for Windows or for Linux? Both operating systems are capable of hosting impressive websites.

According to web hosting reviews UK, when a user opens website on his PC or device, he is not aware of and is neither concerned with the website hosting operating system. So deciding on the final web hosting server need some detailed understanding of feature of both these options

Some people use PCs with Linux and some with windows. As per UK web hosting comparison data Web-hosting type is not governed by the OS on user’s device. Both are similar as far as their working is to consider yet there are some distinct features in both of them which I will present for your deliberation.


Choosing a hosting site depends on requirements of programmers or website developers. Web hosting UK review statistics show that 70% of the web-servers used for website hosting are Linux servers. So I can say that Linux is much sought after OS for hosting.


Both windows and Linux servers support different script languages as well as support different databases as per UK web hosting comparison data. Selecting a hosting server largely depends on the kind of applications you want to run in your website. Web hosting UK reviews show that if windows applications are your choice, for example ASP.NET, MSSQL, MS access, VB codes or dedicated remote desktop then Windows hosting is the obvious option.

On the other hand if you want to run PHP, Perl, Ruby on rails or MySQL, Linux server is best suited OS. CMS, e-commerce websites or blogs work best on Linux based hosting.


Windows OS as we all are aware, is vulnerable to malware or spywares. Linux on the other hand is considered reliable and more secure among the two.  With this obvious observation, it is the responsibility of web hosting organization to provide proper administration and secure their server from malware and spyware attacks by deploying foolproof security.


Linux operating system is an open source and free for development and up gradation. According to web hosting UK reviews, Linux is being supported by a huge community of developers and programmers Linux is therefore a cost-effective choice in already expensive world of website development. Linux is better in speedy execution of services and is considered reliable than windows OS.


Another difference between two is that Linux file names are case sensitive whereas windows files names are not. Example: In Linux html and HTML are different two different file extensions and in windows html, HTML are same. This is in fact a serious issue with Linux. If for example you have page spelled as careers.html and if you type Career.html in browser, you will get 404 page not found error. On windows server it does not matter whether you type careers.html or CareeRs.HTml.

Control Panel

This is one of the important features of any web hosting server. This is a location from where website is controlled, managed and maintained or in other words back end operations are carried out form this place. Windows control panel is called Plesk.  By and Large both have same features except database types. Control panel hosts various inbuilt applications like WordPress, CRM, or other entertainment and business related apps. UK web hosting comparison data imply that both control panels support email account creation, AWstats, inbuilt security filters and a whole set of useful tools.

File Transfer

Both types of servers support FTP (file Transfer protocol) services to upload or download files to and from the HTTP server. Web hosting reviews UK state that Linux server is one step advanced here. What are the reasons? Linux hosting supports other access methods in SSH and Telnet.

Front Page Support

It’s a myth that front page extensions are available in only Windows server. Web hosting reviews UK justify the fact that today this extension is available in all hosting types.


The two web hosting OSs which I discussed here and compared are equally capable and performance oriented. To select the suitable one for you web applications or websites you must first list down your need from a web hosting server and the select the one that contains all the features you are looking for.

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